What is "Sports Rehabilitation" at Designed 2 Move in Ankeny?

Sports rehabilitation at Designed 2 Move in Ankeny combines the assessment or whole body movement patterns with sport specific movements for the athlete, and daily life specific movements for the "non-athlete", to understand pain patterns on a more thorough and complete level. This then allows the doctors to assist the patient toward a more effective and efficient recovery. Restoring proper movement patterns is the key to mitigating pain for the short and long term. Research has proven that the combination of joint manipulation and specific active rehabilitation is more effective than manipulation or rehabilitation alone (Annals of Internal Medicine, 2004).

Designed 2 Move Spine & Sport is Ankeny's premiere location for conservative, manual medicine and sports medicine. The doctors of D2M assess and diagnosis issues through evaluation how a patient moves during everyday activities. This gives a better understanding of pain patterns and what treatment is necessary to get to the root of the problem. Research backed treatment regimens are used perform joint manipulation, active rehabilitation to increase joint and body stability, and hands on muscle therapy in order to release muscular tension. The experience is personalized and catered to meet, address, and exceed patients' short and long term goals. Hands on care, experience the difference. NO EXCUSES, ONLY RESULTS.