Shoulder Pain

Are you having shoulder pain when you work out or lift items at home overhead? You have been through many avenues of care but still the pain persists with everyday activities. While your shoulder may be the source of the pain, have you considered it may be a result of something else from somewhere else? Without a stable core, mobile thoracic spine, neck stability, or scapular (shoulder blade) stability, the shoulder has to overwork and may often become a big pain generator.

At Ankeny’s premiere sports medicine clinic, the doctors of Designed 2 Move perform a functional movement assessment to determine not just why the shoulder is constantly hurting during movement but to WHAT is causing the issues. The WHAT fixes the WHY, let us blend chiropractic sports medicine with active rehabilitation and muscle release to get you performing at a higher level and with less pain. Hands on care, experience the difference of NO EXCUSES, ONLY RESULTS.