Shin Splints

Have you had chronic shin splints and now you cannot run the mileage that you want too? Have you been told that you should not run anymore because of discomfort? It is time to look at your body and feet differently. Are you in the right shoe? Are you a fore/mid/rear foot striker? Do you knees track straight? Do you fire your core and glutes when you run? Is your muscular stability system firing correctly with every step while your mobility is working in the joints?

At Ankeny’s premiere conservative sport medicine clinic, the doctors of Designed 2 Move will perform an evaluation and function movement assessment of your running form and walking form (gait) to determine WHY your shins always hurt and assess the WHAT of the of that is driving the pain. The WHAT fixes the WHY, let us blend chiropractic sports medicine with active rehabilitation and muscle release to get you performing at a higher level and with less pain. Hands on care, experience the difference of NO EXCUSES, ONLY RESULTS.