Not just another chiropractor



So, what do you actually do?  Are you a chiropractor, a physical therapist, what are you?  There are 20+ chiropractors in town, why is your office different than what I have already tried?  These are the questions that we hear all the time before someone comes in as a new patient.  The truth is that we are a hybrid of all fields in manual medicine.  We are chiropractors by trade but that is only about 1/6th of what you will experience in our office.

Gnaw on this for a second.  When you injure a tissue, is it just the joint that is an issue?  Just the muscle? Is it the ligament?  Or the tendon?  Maybe the disc?  Is it a stability problem?  Or a mobility problem?  Maybe a muscle firing sequence?  Is it inflammatory or just mechanical?  Well, the answer is probably yes!  There are so many different things going on when we experience an injury/pain, yet often only part of the story is addressed.  The statement we often hear is  “I went to such and such for umpteen visits and I don’t feel any different.”  This is likely because only one aspect of the injury was being addressed.  If you are getting treatment, your pain should be changing….period!  Some people do heal faster and some heal slower but, you should be noting change day to day.

So, you ask, how do we address injuries in an unique way to address all the components of the injury.  First, our examination is thorough, lasting around an hour and follow up appointments around 30 minutes.  Through the history and examination we narrow down where the pain is stemming from and how we are going to promote healing in the tissue.  Typically, this is through a therapy called McKenzie therapy, joint manipulation, and/or acupuncture.  Once healing begins and pain starts to reduce we transition into the mobility/stability phase with active rehabilitation, allowing us to reduce the likelihood of reoccurrence and returning you to full function.  Finally, when we have healing of the injured tissue and improved stability and mobility, we stress the tissue to see if it is ready to return to any activity or load.  Once we have this, we release you from care.  Yes, it is true, we release you from care and you don’t have to come back for ever and ever and ever getting the same treatment with no change.  That is not to say that the same issue may not rear its ugly head again but we do everything in our power to help you understand ways to avoid it and reduce it.  Some people choose maintenance care but it is not something that people are forced into.  It is your body, you are in the drivers seat.

Speaking of you being in the drivers seat, that is another topic of conversation.  We strive to empower our patients to heal themselves.  You have the power to heal you!  We are the coach that teaches you how to do it.  We only get to see you for 30 minutes at a time but you are with you, all of the time!  How fast you heal is directly dependent on your compliance outside of the office.  You are driving the ship!

Efficiency is our middle name.  No excuses, only results is our motto.  So how are we different, well it is a loaded question as you can see above.  In summary, we spend more time with you, to find the root of the problem and we address your problem with a full tool belt, not with only one tool.  I may be speaking chiropractic blasphemy but I speak the truth.  The blending of all manual medicine fields is what is truly going to make the difference in your care.

Come experience the difference!  #noexcusesonlyresults