Sinfully good yet...HEALTHY!


It seems we always think healthy has to be boring.  I have good news for you….that is far from the truth!  Today I will be sharing a brownie recipe that is absolutely to die for good!  Before I do, I want to talk to you a little about why these brownies are better for you than your typical brownie.  Among other things, one of the main reasons regular brownies are less than good for you is that they are typically made with flour, wheat flour.  Here are a few reasons I would not consider flour healthy for you:

#1  Gluten is in your common household flour, which is inflammatory in nature.  This then leads to a number of related problems, in the gut and even in the brain.

#2  Wheat makes your blood sugar spike, creating a blood sugar roller coaster.  This is known to lead to problems like diabetes, cardiovascular disease, obesity, and more.

#3  It contains phytic acid, a substance commonly known to bind certain nutrients and likewise deplete your body of these nutrients.  Additionally, it is not in itself a very nutrient dense food item.

#4  Research is currently suggesting that the products that wheat gets broken down into trigger opioid receptors.  Opioid receptors are what contribute to addiction.  In short, wheat, not to  mention sugar, is highly addictive.

So, you ask, if the base of the brownie is not made of wheat, what IS it made out of?  The answer to that question is, drum roll please, almond butter!  Almonds are a much better source of nutrition than wheat.  Here are a few healthy facts about the popular nut: 

#1  They are great for heart and brain health.  I will leave the fancy science out of why but there are many articles out there with research on healthy fats.

#2  Almonds slow down the release of sugar into your blood aka helping regulate blood sugar, and therefore helping manage and even prevent diabetes.

#3  They contain a great amount of fiber, which is more filling and helps you stay full longer.  The more full you feel, the less overeating you will do, the lower your risk of obesity.

#4  Due to the fats in almonds and alkalinity of almonds, they can assist in nutrient absorption.

#5  Almonds are antioxidant rich, decreasing your overall risk of cancer.

Here is the moral of the story.  You can have a treat, that is a detriment to your health or you can have a treat that is actually quite healthy for you and boosts your nutrients.  These brownies are absolutely delicious and I know you won’t be disappointed!  If you want to impress your friends with a healthy treat, here is your answer.  Below is the recipe!


Almond Butter Brownies

1 (16 oz) jar of roasted almond butter (be sure it is blended/mixed well)

½-¾ cup fruit sweetener (usually I use honey and weigh on the less sweet side)

2 large eggs

1 Tb vanilla extract

1/2 cup cocoa powder

3/4 tsp baking soda

1 tsp sea salt

1/2 -1/3 cup chopped 85% cacao chocolate bar



Preheat oven to 350.  Grease a 8x8 pan with a thin layer of coconut oil.  Set aside.

In the bowl of an electric mixer, add all of the roasted almond butter.  Mix on medium speed for 1 minute.  Add the sweetener & vanilla and mix on low for 20-30 seconds, or until thoroughly combined.  Add the eggs and mix on low until thoroughly combined.  Turn off mixer.

Add the cocoa powder, baking soda & salt, turn the mixer to low and begin to mix for 20 seconds (or so) and increase speed to medium and mix for another 40 seconds.  Add the chopped chocolate and mix for 10-15 seconds, just to disburse the chocolate. 

With a rubber spatula, mix the ingredients to ensure the almond butter is thoroughly mixed and none left hidden below the yummy brownie goodness.  Pour into the prepared pan.  Bake for 20-25 minutes for fudgy like middle.  If you prefer a more cakey brownie, then bake for 25-30 minutes. 

Cool on a wire rack and after however long you can wait, cut into them & enjoy.