We are Designed 2 Move


Allow us to formally introduce ourselves!  We are Drs. Aaron and Abbi Rickelman and we are the physicians and owners of Designed 2 Move Chiropractic & Sports Rehabilitation.  In 2010, we met in chiropractic school and the rest is history.  People wonder how we work together and work together so well.  The truth is, after studying side by side for countless hours during chiropractic school, owning a business together and working together daily seems like a breeze.  Honestly, neither of us would have it any other way!

After chiropractic school, we thought we wanted to move to some more exotic exciting place that wasn’t Iowa or Illinois, where the two of us were raised, and we chose North Carolina.  After a year away from the Midwest, we soon realized how wonderful of a place the Midwest was and we missed it like crazy!  (We tried to not let the North Carolinians know too much about Iowa and let the Midwest secret out.)  Abbi is from Ankeny and in our search of where to move back to, Ankeny felt very natural to us.  So, in 2015 we opened the doors of Designed 2 Move.  Since this time, we have been so incredibly blessed to have such a wonderful community to be closely involved with and serving in.

We currently do not have any children except for our very spoiled and not-short-on-love fur baby, Milo.  The word baby is used very lightly as he is 8 months old but 65 lbs of puppy!  When we aren’t at the dog park or going on long walks with Milo, you can find us at North Ankeny CrossFit gym, at Lake Shelbyville or Lake Panorama (pictured above), renovating our house, cycling on the wonderful trail systems central Iowa has to offer, at a football game (GO CLONES!), or what we enjoy most, hanging out with our families.  We bounced around trying to find the church that spoke to us most for quite a while but have happily finally landed!  Cornerstone Church is now our home and we are very much looking forward to getting involved in a small groups and becoming more a part of the Cornerstone community.

With that said, welcome to our blog!  We will be covering various topics including insights on different injuries, tips to improve your health, what to expect in our office, our personal stories, and much more!  If you have any topics that you would like us to cover, please feel free to contact us via our contact page, email (designed2movechiro@outlook.com), social media, or phone (515-957-4042).  We look forward to spending time with you!