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So, what do you actually do?  Are you a chiropractor, a physical therapist, what are you?  There are 20+ chiropractors in town, why is your office different than what I have already tried?  These are the questions that we hear all the time before someone comes in as a new patient.  The truth is that we are a hybrid of all fields in manual medicine.  We are chiropractors by trade but that is only about 1/6th of what you will experience in our office.


It seems we always think healthy has to be boring.  I have good news for you….that is far from the truth!  Today I will be sharing a brownie recipe that is absolutely to die for good!  Before I do, I want to talk to you a little about why these brownies are better for you than your typical brownie.  Among other things, one of the main reasons regular brownies are less than good for you is that they are typically made with flour, wheat flour.  Here are a few reasons I would not consider flour healthy for you:


You ran a marathon? Oh, I can only run a ½ mile before I die.  You deadlifted 300 lbs in that workout?   Geez, I only did a measly 150 lbs.  Way to go, you finished in 14 minutes! Yeah, but I only did ring rows, you did muscle ups.  And the list could continue.


Wait, you treat what? I didn’t know that you could treat that….

This quite often is the discussion when we begin explaining the driving factors behind headaches, neck pain, ear pain, and jaw pain.

Most patients have not put together that the dysfunction in their jaw while chewing, talking, or sleeping could be one of the driving causes of their headaches.  Some headache sufferers will admit to having jaw pain while others have not necessarily had any jaw pain before.  Regardless, most did not know that their jaw could be connected to their headaches.


Merry Christmas!

There is one group of people we left out of our #12daysofgratefulness campaign but want to highlight in a more thorough manner.  This group of individuals keeps steadily growing every day and there are no words to describe our deep gratitude.  Who are we talking about?  YOU!  You have made our family grow exponentially.  Each and every one of you is near and dear to us. 


Hello I’m Jayne!  I have managed Designed 2 Move Chiropractic and Sports Rehabilitation here in Ankeny since January 2016.  My husband Mike and I moved our 19 year-old triplets to 3 different colleges in 3 different states over the course of 4 short days in mid-August.  Let me tell you….we are still adjusting to the abrupt empty nest (thank goodness our 4-legged fur babies are still with us!).  To help fill this void, I have truly enjoyed meeting and getting to know the wonderful patients who grace the doors of our office daily.