About Designed 2 Move Designed 2 Move Spine & Sport in Ankeny

About Designed2Move Chiropractic

Designed 2 Move Spine & Sport in Ankeny, IA was established to provide a healthcare experience for patients that maximizes human performance (in sport, at work, and in all of life's adventures) and prevents injury and disease. This is accomplished by thinking differently about the human body and the patient experience. The doctors' approach utilizes evidence based, cutting edge, hands on, all encompassing, and patient centered care.  By analyzing a patient's biomechanics and function, the appropriate treatments will be paired to the patient to meet and exceed their healthcare goals. Experience the difference, NO EXCUSES, ONLY RESULTS.

Why are we called Designed 2 Move?

As our name suggests, the body is designed to move. The problem arises when that movement is dysfunctional, leading to injury. When this happens, it can be debilitating, keeping you from moving and may lead to more issues. Lack of movement, along with other poor lifestyle choices, leads to chronic diseases (heart disease, diabetes, obesity, etc), mental decline, pain, degeneration, depression, and a poor quality of life. Our goal is and always will be to get you moving, keep you moving, and help you move better! Everyone deserves to live a happier, healthier life where no goal is too big.  No excuses, only results!